Good Girl Rules

Deep evening, a dark room, a crib behind the back, a computer in front of you. In the computer – the Internet and the interlocutor. He’s supposed to look like Kurt Cobain or a math tutor … You can’t see your face or other parts of your body, you don’t hear a voice, you don’t smell. You have only the words that he writes to you and which you knock in response. If among these words the most frequently repeated words are “hands”, “lips”, “skin”, “neck”, “tongue” and the verbs “touch”, “enter” (further down the list) – this is virtual sex.

Where is it?

This is done in chats, of which, as expected, there are many. Good and different. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, but no bells and whistles, you can do it in web chat. You can get into it through a regular Netscape or explorer. If you somehow started an IRC or ICQ program, you have access to IRC and ICQ chats, respectively.

If we compare them with real-life, then web chats resemble a noisy and stupid party in a half-familiar apartment, where you can retire with a cupcake only in a combined bathroom, and then risk the fact that those who want to pee through the kitchen window will spy on you. Irk chats are like a pioneer camp, or a student dormitory, or a campsite, where basically everyone hides in their closets and only occasionally meets the others in the dining room or the television hall. “Askin” chats can be compared to an intimate date in a friend’s apartment when there is no one but you, but you do not know what to expect: either the leg by the bed will break, or the grandmother will come to visit her granddaughter.

All chats are general and thematic. The latter are sometimes devoted to love, flirting, and sex. And from all of the above, only “flirting” is normally obtained in them, during which tongue-tied lads from Donetsk or Perm yell: “I’m a superstar !!!” or “I want you !!!”. And you answer monotonously: “Oh, is it?”. It makes no sense to look for virtual sex in such chats. Here is the most inhibited audience, who came here precisely for “this” and that is why they are terribly shocked. Everyone is constantly snarling and waiting for their rude seduction. Do not try to do this, but rather go to general chats.

How is it?

Well, first of all, forget what your grandmother taught you. Modesty does not suit virtual girls on the path of love. With inappropriate pretense, you will only scare off all possible partners.

Secondly, when your virtual cupcake begins to busily lay electronic sheets, you will have to make an effort on yourself and give him some food for thought. Eye color, hair length, lip, and ear shape are still flowers. It is likely that he will ask you to tell him about your underwear, breast shape, and erogenous zones. He doesn’t want to get into a mess and start taking off your jeans, which you don’t even have insight into. Answering, you can lie. Just do not sketch your portrait with Kim Basinger from “9 1/2 Weeks” and other erotic stencils – they have all been learned by heart long ago, and even the most zealous virtual enthusiast will only cause a yawn with a subsequent disconnect. By the way, it is not at all scary, to tell the truth, but, naturally, not all, but the best part of it.

Third, make it so that he speaks mostly. After all, you want to, first of all, see how it looks, and not sit in a puddle. Sometimes answer something. If you are deafly silent, he will think that your computer is frozen. Before putting on the air another passionate scream, carefully read what he has already written: if you tell him that you are putting your hands on his shoulders, while, according to his version, he crept up behind you and unbuttons your blouse, it will be embarrassing. It is best, after two or three of his maxims, to knock on some encouraging and affectionate epithet (“What are your strong hands!”, “I really like it!”) Or express wishes (if you have the courage).

And finally, “immediately after” there is no need to pester a person with vigorous inquisitive questions such as: “Did you really feel all this?” All the same, most likely he will lie to you.

Who is this?

Who really was there, on the other end of the line, you will only know if you decide to meet live. But you may not want this: firstly, it is not always necessary to mix the secret and the obvious, and secondly, real meetings of virtuals most often turn into mutual disappointment. He may not want this either – if he is not who he pretended to be. For example, he is actually forty instead of twenty. Or he is impotent. He may even be of the same gender as you. However, contrary to common prejudices, this is extremely rare. All people with a liking for free sex on the Internet are especially persistent in proclaiming their addictions.

Some of the features of your virtual lover are clear in advance. He should not be familiar with the question from books. He should have a good hanging tongue, that is, hands. And he must be brave enough to call some things by their proper names. Now look at your peers and decide: is a sixteen- or eighteen-year-old cupcake able to describe his desires and intentions in more detail than in one phrase, in which two out of three words are “me” and “you”?

The one behind the monitor is probably older than you, more experienced, and smarter. If you are lucky, you will stumble upon an artist who has virtual sex for the love of virtual sex. If you are not lucky, there will be a cynic on the other end of the line, in front of whom all your sixteen years will be in full view. He will not deny himself the pleasure of watching a girl’s heart vibrate, frail partitions in the brain sway and fall, and his eyes darken. So you don’t need to think that only you have the right to use people for your own amusement. They can use you too. But what you can firmly not be afraid of are maniacs. Real maniacs don’t look for victims on the Internet. And virtual ones do not go into real life.

We need virtual sex to know that:

●     You can live without sex;

●     There are no indecent words;

●     Words are a terrible power;

●     It doesn’t matter what color your panties are;

●     Sex is difficult;

●     It is better to sleep with interesting people;

●     Every kiss changes your life;

●     Friendship is more suspicious than love;

●     Love is more suspicious of sex;

●     You can make love to ten men at the same time;

●     Some men are actually women;

●     Any reality is virtual;

●     Everyone is doing stupid things;

●     Life is sad;

●     That we have nothing to be ashamed of in general.

Why is this?

He can of course tell you that he’s finished. You will half believe: after all, you were sweet and seductive. But there will be room for doubt: how, in fact, did it happen there, when his hands are on the keyboard, eyes are in the monitor, and you don’t even know where? If you are interested, ask him about it.

At the next meeting. If you really want to know what virtual sex is, ask your cyber lover to retell you the content of your recent love games. His memories of something that actually did not exist is real virtual sex. And what you did yesterday was just an imitation of intimate relationships in real life. What happened under the table there, you will never know. Is it all the same? Much more important is what happens to you. Imagine that he asks you about it. What will you answer him?


Everything that you write on the Internet can be saved by the perfidious interlocutor in a file and made public. You, of course, can then say that it is a fake and that it was not you at the computer – they will not believe it anyway.

There are two ways to keep your hassles to a minimum. First, try to partner with someone who needs publicity even less than you do. Second, talk as little as possible about anyone other than the two of you, especially people in your real life.

Don’t cyberlove on bad phone lines and in the rain. If your connection is often broken, it is better to chat about books. After all, the only thing worse than virtual intercourse can be a sudden interrupted virtual intercourse.


In the most daring adventures on the Internet, you are insured against three things: you will not be raped, you will not get sick and you will not fly in. And even the roof of virtual sex will not move down – if, of course, it was in place before. Sooner or later, you will experience everything, listen to all sorts of words, say and cool down to the computer.

The main danger is falling in love with the electronic simulation of a handsome prince and seriously giving in to letters and spaces, believing that they belong to a real person.