What to Expect When Meeting an Escort for the First Time

First Time Escort Meeting

The fact that you’re paying doesn’t necessarily make a date with an escort any less anxiety-provoking. Clients don’t know how to act and if there’s any special etiquette to follow. In some cases, they get so anxious that they end up cancelling the appointment altogether – or not even making one.

Sex with an escort is supposed to be a positive experience. Your expectations might be negative for whatever reason, but the worst-case scenario doesn’t have to play out except in your head. 

It’s Just two People Meeting Each Other

Booking an escort is not unlike a regular date in a way. You meet the person, flirt, then get intimate. Of course, there’s a great deal more certainty involved. You don’t have to put on a show and act a certain way because you’re paying for the experience. As you would a regular date, show respect and courtesy. Your escort will make sure you enjoy the session.

Before the Session

If you’re meeting them in a hotel or at home, tidy up the place before they get there. Pay particular attention to the bathroom. Have clean towels around – both of you will need them. Take a shower before they come, and dress well. Personal hygiene is important to any self-respecting escort. The guarantee of payment is no guarantee for service. It’s also a good idea to shave down there and put some deodorant on.

When They Arrive

When she comes to your place or hotel room or you arrive at hers, don’t be impatient. Let her use the bathroom and leave her stuff somewhere. Payment is made in advance. Ideally, place the cash in an envelope and hand it over.

She will probably call a friend or her driver to let them know she’s ok. This is standard protocol and it’s done with every client. Don’t grab or kiss her before paying the fee. It’s impolite.

Getting Down to Business

Good sex is never rushed, even when you’re paying. You need to take some time to get comfortable with the escort and vice versa, especially if you have sex-related anxiety issues. If you’re unsure how to proceed, let her take the lead. Every escort has a different approach.

If you don’t know what should happen next, just ask her. Don’t get grabby at any rate, it’s off-putting. Admitting you’re nervous is also totally ok.

Doing a Health Check

When you take your clothes off, the escort might do a quick ‘exam’, where she’ll check for visible signs of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). You probably won’t even realize they checked you because a professional does this discreetly. If she notices something wrong, the session might be off. You will still have to pay for her time though. If you suspect you might have a medical issue, get this resolved well in advance of booking an escort.

Assuming everything’s fine in that department, you’re finally ready to proceed. The actual experience will depend on what you’re both comfortable with. When we talk about ‘full service’, that tends to mean intercourse and oral sex. There’s no standard, everything is a matter of preference. By all means communicate your expectations.

An Erection isn’t Obligatory

Not every client can get it up with an escort, especially if it’s their first time booking one. It is anxiety provoking. What’s more, people can have medical issues or illnesses that make it hard to achieve or sustain an erection. A session with an escort doesn’t have to be limited to penetration or even about it. It can be about oral sex, hand jobs, or simply enjoying her touch.

Using Toys

As a rule, don’t expect them to bring toys. If you have one you absolutely can’t do without or really want to use, inquire into the possibility of using it in advance (before they’ve arrived). Every worker has a different policy on these things, and the escort service might too. Things like bullet vibrators or a realistic silicone dildo are certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and they will improve the sexual experience. They will also reduce performance anxiety, which might exist even though you’re paying, as you must know by now.

Whatever you do, make sure they’re ok with using the toy. Don’t just whip it out.               

About Safe Sex

Your escort will probably bring condoms and lubricant. Safer sex is a big issue for sex workers. Some clients don’t want to use condoms because they’re not used to them or they simply disregard safe sex practices. It might feel strange to use protection if you’ve just finished a long-term relationship or are in one when you book an escort. To a professional, safe sex is a non-negotiable.

‘Condom Slips’

Now and then, a client will let the condom slip off or take it off during sex. In many jurisdictions, this is against the law because it’s considered sexual assault. It’s also morally objectionable. The condom might break or slip without any fault of your own, of course. If this happens and you notice, let them know immediately. 

The Orgasm

For the vast majority, the most enjoyable part of sex is the climax. If you’re anxious, however, getting there can be challenging. You might worry about not being able to cum or about it happening too soon. Try to take the pressure off yourself. Stop thinking about the culmination of the experience. You could keep playing after you take a break even if you do ejaculate prematurely. You could just lie in bed with her, enjoying the warmth of her body. Escorts who want to increase their income will give you this time.

Finishing the Session

As the session comes to a close, you might cuddle, chat, and relax together. Escorts typically leave some time at the end to gather their things. If she’s visiting you, she’ll need to call a cab or her driver. If you’re concerned about running overtime, ask how much time there’s left. At any rate, ending the session is the escort’s responsibility.