Cheapest Escorts in the World

In which countries do the cheapest prostitutes in the world live?

 The erotic industry is developing intensively even in countries where the governments haven’t legalized it yet. That’s why it’s equally easy to come across a prostitute in the Red Light District in Holland and an obscure side street in Mexico. Nevertheless, the intimate services price policy varies depending on how well the local girls have been promoted as well as on the country’s popularity at the commercial sex world market. So, the majority of sex tourists prefer the countries providing inexpensive entertainment and attractive affordably priced women available for a night. Analyzing the clients’ opinions and price information from local intimate service sites experts even have created the rating list of the countries with the cheapest sex workers.

The 5th cheapest – The Czech Republic

Prostitution in Czechia isn’t prohibited officially, nor is the gambling business, that’s why thousands of tourists visit the country annually in search of affordable entertainment. Whereas young and pretty girls from the neighboring countries (Romania, Albania, Ukraine, etc.) arrive here for earnings, the commercial sex industry always welcoming new faces. Prague, the capital of Czechia, is particularly popular with tourists and travelers because it’s equally easy to find a cheap prostitute and an elite escort girl here.

Czech Republic escorts

 Sex workers can be found in central parts of big cities, for example, in Prague, the intimate services are actively offered at Václavské and Staroméstské squares. Sex for money is also available almost in all prominent clubs and strip bars of the country – in some of them one can even use separate private rooms for intimate dates.

 In Prague, a client will be charged about 80-100 dollars for 30 minutes of sexual pleasures in the nearest motel room. In smaller towns, the prices for intimate services from street prostitutes in central parts are around 60-80 dollars. The closer you get to the town outskirts, the less you pay for sex, because here the flow of tourists gets scarce, which implies fewer clients. The low-cost girls with the minimal price rates work beyond the town along the bypass roads – here for mere 100-150 dollars one can enjoy sexual delights all night through non-stop.

 One can also hire a girl at sexual dating sites comprising most of the Czech towns categories. In this case the minimal payments will amount to 100-110 US dollars, but this time per hour of pleasures. Remote pick-up is known to be faster and safer. However, frauds and cheats are more frequent on the internet.

The 4th – Mexico

It’s comparatively recently that Mexico has become popular with the sex tourists of the planet. The intimate industry was completely legalized only a few years ago. Nevertheless, the sex workers had been actively earning by prostitution before that as well. But then their activities were focused on the local clients. Now that the stream of sex seekers has grown up to hundreds of thousands annually, the Mexican shadow industry has received a powerful impulse for the development.

Mexico escorts

 For example, if you are planning to experience the delights of the commercials intimate services in Mexico, knowledgeable people recommend visiting the following places, where the sexual offers are the most varied:

1.Mexico City. Affordable services of escorts Mexico City can be found at the site where the average price per hour – 40-50$. In the city prostitutes offer their favors in the districts of Zona Rosa and Cuauhtémoc – here one can find an intimate partner both for 20 and for 100 dollars. For some extra payment those sex workers will agree to perform whatever non-traditional intimate experiment, but it would be highly advisable for clients not to forget about their safety.

 2. Cancun. The white beaches of Cancun are well-known all over the world, and so are the local prostitutes. They energetically offer their sex services at big entertainment and hotel centers, as well as in central districts and along the touristic routes of the city. The average price per hour is 50-70$, while the professional escort will charge starting at 200$ and on. But there are also low-costers charging just 15-20 US dollars.

 3. Tijuana. By no means less required among the tourists are the services of escorts Tijuana, which men can easily find at even without leaving their hotel rooms. The street prostitutes seekers will find what they want in the Zona Norte neighborhood or Coahuila Street. Hundreds of attractive professionals work here. This cheap category charges 10-15$ per hour for their intimate favors, but dating such girls is not quite safe. The average prices are within the 40-140$ range. It should be mentioned that many prostitutes don’t have dating rooms of their own, that’s why it makes sense to take care of a suitable motel room booking to avoid bringing the prostitute to the hotel where you stay.

The 3d – Ukraine

Only a few assemblymen admit the legalization of prostitution, that’s why for the time being one can only dream of the official status of this profession. Nevertheless, the fines for sex services are tiny and the users of those favors aren’t liable in any way, that’s why sex workers offer themselves all around the country without fear of punishment. For example, Kyiv is the place where the night industry is at its highest, and men from all over the world come to the Ukrainian capital and look forward to dating the local sex professionals. According to the info from the site services of escort in Kyiv are very popular with travelers from such countries as Turkey, Italy, Egypt and Israel. The Spanish and Albanians are also very fond of the local girls. For an hour of sexual entertainment representatives of the cheap category will charge you 20-25 dollars, whereas the reliable and trustworthy prostitutes will want to earn within 50-60.

Ukraine escorts

Kharkiv is not as popular, but certainly is as varied as Kyiv as far as the night entertainment is concerned. The local girls demonstrate their profiles via the internet, publish their advertisements in newspapers and spread their business cards with taxi drivers, barmen and at night fun places. They can also be found in side streets and parks near the city center. The street prostitutes’ offers have been in low demand lately, though. That’s why hardly will you meet more than 5 or 6 representatives of the intimate profession during one evening. As for the prices per hour – they are practically the same as in Kyiv.

 Odessa residents are also very active in exploring the world of commercial sex, hundreds of prostitutes arrive here from the neighboring regions and towns to cater the tourists. However, their prices depend on the demand. Throughout the season of vacations the girls charge their clients 40-50$ per hour and more. The cold season causes their prices to drop up to 10-20$ per hour. But there are no difficulties in meeting a gettable beauty in the local bars, clubs and discotheques, so intimate favors are always available. Besides, the girls of Odessa are always certain to be at big sex dating sites. That means that their services can be ordered without having to get up from your sofa or leaving your room.

The 2nd – Cuba

The islands of Cuba are one of the newest touristic destinations enjoying the high demand. This has influenced the erotic industry development in the country. Initially, prostitution has always been referred to as the semi-legal sphere of activities, but the local authorities aren’t trying to eliminate it because criminal groups are paying them for not interfering. For example, throughout a year 200-220 pimps get arrested illustratively, but in a couple of weeks they turn out to be at their usual habitual working places.

Cuba escorts

But tourists appreciate the professional attitude and diligence of the Cuban prostitutes who are accumulated mostly in the following cities:

 1. Havana – the exuberant capital with the abundance of night adventures. Most of the girls work along the Malecon embankment, here one can find a partner for whatever taste preferences. In this district there won’t be any difficulties in meeting a prostitute of non-traditional sexuality, transvestites or male escort. So, all kinds of clients will be satisfied. In the central part of the city there are several functioning bordellos – such as Salon Rojo, where the cuties satisfy their clients for 30-50$ per hour providing traditional sexual favors, whereas the additional favors can be obtained only for the extra payment.

2. Varadero – the bright resort place with professional prostitutes. The analysts from advise to look for prostitutes in the local clubs because there are no real bordellos or salons in the town. For example, dozens of experienced sex workers come to Mambo nightclub every night, but there are also dozens of just usual Cuban girls who are eager to go to bed with men they meet there. You can give a couple of dollars to a doorman or security on duty at a hotel and they’ll bring a good-looking Latina woman right to your room. The cost of intimate games with a young girl, that you picked up in the street, is 20-25 dollars per hour, and 30-40 dollars if you deal with a professional which you met at a night establishment. A man should keep in mind that he probably will have to pay for a hotel room because most of the Cuban prostitutes don’t have a certain place for sexual dating and don’t mind satisfying their clients right in the street.

 The 1st – Thailand

Thailand is considered to be the undeniable leader among the countries with affordable prostitution. According to the approximate calculations, more than 2,8 million sex professionals of various sexuality, genders and ages work here, over 77000 of them offering their services in legal night establishments. The annual turnover of the intimate industry exceeded the amount of 6 billion dollars long ago. Officially the prostitution in Thailand is illegal. But not only does the government turn a blind eye to it, but also partially regulates the activities of the night butterflies, ensuring some security and convenient working conditions.

Thailand escorts

 One can find a Thai woman or a lady-boy in every tourist center of the country. Even experienced intimate favors seekers are always impressed by the plentiful abundance of the sexual entertainment invented by the locals. Though traditionally the greatest accumulation of prostitutes is observed in Bangkok, it’s not only in the capital that one can have fun with a sex worker, but also in Pattaya, Phuket and Samui. And even small towns always have their own intimate salons and bordellos where both local clients and foreigners can buy sexual favors they want.

The traditional sexual services prices start at the point of 25$, non-traditional and rare intimate games can be priced up to 250-300$. The local representatives of LGBT are a separate story, Thailand being known as one of the most tolerant countries in the world. That’s why the prostitutes of both genders, as well as transvestites and transgenders openly offer their favors to clients in the streets, their minimal price rates being 30-40 dollars. All local hotels, clubs and bars offer female and male prostitutes. And of course, the Thai erotic massage is a special art famous far beyond Thailand.

The prostitutes of Columbia, Albania, Vietnam and Guatemala are also known to be affordable and skillful, but the intimate industry in those countries is less developed, which results in fewer sex tourists who are reluctant to go there.