The best time to have sex

The best time to have sex is when body and mind are in a perfect energetic connection and in a state of relaxation that allows for full commitment. It can be in a planned location, the ideal time, with the handpicked person for this moment… If body and mind are not in perfect harmony, none of this will have great effect. If the right person is present with you at the right moment and in the same mood, even if everything lasts only a short amount of time, the experience may end up being unforgettable.

Everything that was said above is totally correct. However it is also true that biologically speaking the body needs to be prepared, and some levels of hormones that can provide even more pleasure are present in some specific hours of the day. 

What’s certain is that having healthy sexual habits is so important that there is a diverse range of scientific studies that prove the importance of this practice in a healthy way. Among myths and truths, there is the curiosity to think about what time of the day it is possible to have the best sex, if it is in the morning, afternoon, night?

And, of course, Skokka couldn’t stay out of it and tried to understand a little more about the best time to have sex and why it is recommended to have sex with the London escorts at the recommended time slots.

Sex at dawn is considered the most beneficial

Sex, with deep and passionate love, or simply due to the attraction or horniness can be practiced at any time, alone or together with a lover or escort in Wellington. But knowing the exact time to have these relationships influences well-being and a healthier routine.

A study published in the British Medical Journal reveals that the ideal time to have sex is at dawn. More specifically, the data pointed out by the studies, says that the ideal time to have sex is at 5:48 in the morning.

Everybody has seen couples sneaking out of parties without warning… Of course they are leaving because they are horny and end up wanting to spend the rest of the night alone. That’s a scientific explanation. 

Having sex at dawn or very early in the morning is recommended with Skokka’s best companions and escorts in Sydney. Because men and women have higher levels of testosterone, which is an indispensable requirement before sexual activity. 

During the mornings it is recommended to have sex because it is when the human body has more energy and other hormone levels that are higher and recomposed after a night of sleep. Even the amount of spermatozoa is higher at this time. 

But you have to be careful! A sex marathon at 8am can use up all the energy for the rest of the day, which can cause tiredness instead of a feeling of relaxation, leading to continuing the day less energetically. Studies also reveal that the perfect duration for sex in this case is between 7 and 13 minutes. To some it may seem little, however it is usually an intense  moment of affection and more intimacy.

Another study developed by the German doctor Peter Platz, states that at 9 o’clock in the morning and 4 o’clock in the afternoon both men and women present an erotic synchrony that allows sex to be an even more significant and rich experience. This is when women have a high level of endorphins and men can dedicate all their energy and attention to a pleasant encounter. 

In short, these are the times when everyone can have a high level of excitement and find the odd special moments of pleasure. The best option to enjoy this moment of the day is during the weekends.

The practice of sex in the morning: the choice of many

Not everyone will wake up at 5:48 in the morning to experience the best time for sex. However, sex in the morning can be a perfect choice for couples or those who are still in the process of getting to know each other by sharing the same bed a few times. After all, sex in the morning is usually spontaneous and full of affection.

Sex during the night is more common, but starting the day with sex can be the key to activate some energies that, after the sexual act, usually remain during the day. Physiologically, endorphins and oxytocin are responsible for the state of good mood when sex is finished. 

On the one hand, endorphins are considered as a type of morphine for the body, that is, a kind of natural analgesic. It’s where you find the strength to perform your tasks throughout the day. On the other hand, oxytocin is called the love hormone. People with physical contact and exchange of caresses in the first hours of the morning find it easier to strengthen social bonds. 

As you can see, it is much more than just sex. Other advantages presented by several studies point out that sex in the morning increases defenses, helps self-esteem, improves mood, provides skin that shines all day long, is a natural relaxant, increases the intimacy of the couple and activates the body physically. Thus, being an essential element to help the soul and heart.

Hormonal differences between men and women

Men’s testosterone is higher in the mornings, 25% to 50% more than during the rest of the day, say the researchers. The explanation for this phenomenon is that the gland that regulates testosterone production has more activity during the night, which is basically bedtime.

With women it doesn’t happen in a very different way and nothing better than enjoying your time with the best escorts in Singapore first thing in the morning. The hours during the morning give both men and women more possibilities to achieve orgasm. Perhaps this is the reason why sex in the early hours of the morning is the choice of many, even when not all the advantages are known. The body can always tell!

Age differences affect the best sex schedule

In general, studies indicate that the best time to have sex is at 5:48 am. However, when analyzing different age groups the data undergo some changes that can also be taken into consideration to increase the benefits of sex.

In adult age it is also recommended to have sex during the night. The ideal is to have sex between 10 and 10:30 PM. This is advisable since sex releases oxytocin, which is known as the love hormone. This hormone is responsible, among other things, for the sensation of relaxation and can offer a more peaceful night’s sleep.

The menstrual cycle of women also influences

Considering what is the best time of the day to have the best sex is important, but it is also worth observing a woman’s menstrual cycle. Besides the time of day, the quality of the sexual encounter also depends directly on the hormonal levels a woman has. 

In this case, the ideal time to have the best sex is when a woman’s estrogen and testosterone levels peak, which causes the libido to rise rapidly and the desire sometimes seems uncontrollable.

Have sex periodically!

Men and women need a moment of relaxation and a truly fulfilled sex life. It collaborates to regulate the hormonal rhythm and strengthen the bonds between a couple.

Regardless of the level of the relationship or the time of the relationship, it is important to maintain the bonds and try to give and receive the best moments to those who love each other! At the end of the day it does not matter so much the time or place, the right thing to do is to have sex with will and without shame. Enjoying every moment and all the benefits of sex is part of a healthy routine!